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Institute for Workplace Psychosocial Health & Performance

Let’s build toghether a better world and higher quality of life by promoting psychosocial health in the workplace.

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What is our Vision?

At the Institute for Workplace Psychosocial Health and Performance, we are committed to creating a world where every employee has the opportunity to thrive in workplace environments that foster psychosocial health, collaboration, respect, individual growth and performance.

Employees say the level of support that organizations offer for mental health and wellbeing is a top factor in their decision to leave or stay. Building and maintaining a psychosocial health workplace contribute to have a much better world and quality of life. Traditional approaches to managing workplace mental health have proven inadequate – a paradigm shift is needed.

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How we choose to achieve our commitments?

Foster thriving in the workplace

Why we are here?

Our mission is to increase awareness, knowledge generation, sharing best practices, and capacity building for creating stronger Workplace Psychosocial health for all: employees and employers.

Our actions and tools will support interested stakeholder organisations, to becoming more prepared to understanding the workplace psychological factors and their risks on their employees’ quality of lives and to succeed to act and put their people wellbeing first in their businesses.

Impact and Result

Our Services

Traditional approaches to managing workplace mental health have proven inadequate – a paradigm shift is needed. 

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Workplace Assessments

Evidence-based tools to evaluate how psychologically healthy your workplace is.

Consultancy Services

Psychosocial solutions for positive workplace mental health, safety, culture, and resilience.

Training & Development

Programs backed by research and delivered by experts.

Coaching & Mentoring

Empowering coaching and mentoring for psychosocial well-being, growth and workplace success.

Research & Evaluation

Expert insight and knowledge that matters for your Workplace.

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Luiza’s middle name is Determination – she makes things possible, gets people together, marshals’ resources in order to get results. I have in mind great organizational projects that I shared with Luiza or that she has mastered on her own. She is also keen on developing and transforming herself for the better. I respect and recommend Luiza for various  companies projects, I hope you get a chance to verify my recommendation soon.
Codruta ilie
Human Resources Director at Dr. Leahu Dental Clinics

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Amira Radulescu is a visionary leader and guide in transformation processes, with a profound understanding of human psychology, business processes and organisational dynamics.  One of her most striking qualities is her ability to facilitate deep transformation and growth. She possesses an exceptional capacity to tap into the underlying needs and desires of individuals and organizations, helping them navigate complex challenges and achieve their full potential.  I highly recommend her as a transformative force for individuals and organisations alike.
Managing Partner F1 KEY ADVISORY, BDM Cluster of Innovation and New Technologies Inventikus
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